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Snooker, English Billiards, and UK Pool

Biography:   Page 1

Steve Davis   -   Interesting: My Autobiography   published 2015

Ken Doherty   -   Ken Doherty - Life in the Frame - My Story

Graeme Dott   -   Frame of Mind: The Autobiography of the World Snooker Champion

Clive Everton   -   Simply the Best - A Biography of Ronnie O'Sullivan   published 2018

Clive Everton   -   Black Farce and Cue Ball Wizards   Updated edition pub. 2012

Tony Francis   -   Who Was Hurricane Higgins

Dean Hayes   -   Snooker Legends: And Where Are They Now ?

Stephen Hendry   -   Me and the Table   published 2018

Alex Higgins   -   From the Eye of the Hurricane: My Story

Aubrey Malone   -   Whirlwind: The Incredible Story of Jimmy White

Ronnie O'Sullivan   -   Ronnie: The Autobiography of Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan   -   Running: The Autobiography

John Spencer   -   Out of the Blue - Into the Black

Willie Thorne   -   Willie Thorne - Taking A Punt On My Life

John Virgo   -   Let Me Tell You About Alex

John Virgo   -   Say Goodnight JV - My Autobiography

Luke Williams, Paul Gadsby   -   Masters of the Baize

Jimmy White   -   Jimmy White: Second Wind   published 2014

Jimmy White & Rosemary Kingsland   -   Behind the White Ball

Classics - Modern reprints:   Page 3

Captain Crawley   -   The Billiard Book   1866

Joseph Bennett   -   Billiards   1884

J. P. Buchanan   -   Hints on Billiards   1895

A.W. Drayson   -   The Art of Practical Billiards For Amateurs   1889

C.D. Locock   -   Side And Screw   1901

John Roberts   -   Modern Billiards   1902

Peter Ainsworth, Roger Morgan & Martin Goodwill   -   The World of Billiards (Magazine Reprint): 1907

Wallace Ritchie   -   Billiards Simplified   1911

Riso Levi   -   Billiards in the Twentieth Century   1931

Arthur F. Peall   -   All about Billiards and How to Pot   1939

DVD   Page 4


Paul Newman   -   The Hustler   Book & DVD


Steve Davis and Clive Everton   -   The History of Snooker   DVD

Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor   -   The Greatest Snooker Final of All Time   DVD

Jack Karnehm   -   Understanding Modern Snooker   DVD

Ronnie O'Sullivan   -   Ronnie's Snooker Hotshots   DVD

"Snooker Superstars - The Matchroom Series' Volume 1"   DVD

"Snooker Superstars - The Matchroom Series' Volume 2"   DVD

Jimmy White   -   "Jimmy White - The One & Only"   DVD

History   Page 2

Clive Everton   -   A History of Billiards

Hector Nunns   -   The Crucible's Greatest Matches: Forty Years of Snooker's World Championship in Sheffield

Norman Clare   -   Billiards and Snooker Bygones

Instruction   Page 2

new Break from Life   -   Snooker Tips And 99 Trick Shots

Roy Chisholm   -   Snooker Secrets: How to Cue Like a Pro

Roy Chisholm   -   Snooker Secrets: The Approach-Line Potting System

Steven Curid   -   Snooker Basics: How to Play Snooker

Clive Everton   -   Snooker & Billiards: Technique · Tactics · Training   Pub. September 2014

Martin Goodwill & Roger Morgan   -   Advanced English Billiards

Thomas Hein   -   Snooker - A Systematic Approach to Practice. Volume 1

David Horrix   -   The Complete Book of Snooker Shots

Andrew Highfield & David Horrix   -   147 Snooker Drills and Exercises

David Jenner   -   Just One Frame... Your Key to Playing Better Snooker

W.P.B.S.A.   -   Know The Game: Snooker   Pub. June 2006

UK Pool

A & C Black Publishers Ltd   -   Know The Game: Pool   3rd Revised Edition Pub. 2010

Mark Shepherd   -   On Cue: The Complete Guide to Pool

Kindle Editions Only   Page 6

Allan Sand   -   Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets - Shortcuts to Perfect Position

Kevin Snelgrove   -   The Snooker Quiz Book - 250 Questions on Snooker History

Reference   Page 2

Gary Clarke   -   A Billiards and Snooker Compendium

Rules   Page 2

Mike Stooke   -   Snooker Games   Alternative Games

Trick Shots   Page 2

Andy Segal   -   Andy Segal's Cue Magic: Inside the World of Modern Trick Shots!

John Virgo   -   Amazing Snooker Trick Shots - Secrets from the Best!

Xbox, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2   Page 5

Nintendo Wii   -  WSC Real 09: World Snooker Championship - Cue Pack  Released 28th August 2009

Nintendo Wii   -   King of Pool  Released 29th May 2009

Nintendo DS   -   World Cup of Pool  Released 23rd October 2009

Playstation 3   -   WSC Real 11: World Snooker Championship  Released 15th April 2011

PS 4, XBox One   - Snooker 19  Released 17th April 2019

Xbox360   -   WSC Real 11: World Snooker Championship  Released 15th April 2011

American Pool

The Robert Byrne Collection:   Page 7

Robert Byrne   -   McGoorty: A Pool Room Hustler

Robert Byrne   -   Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots: 350 Moves Every Player Should Know

Robert Byrne   -   Byrne's Advanced Technique in Pool & Billiards

Robert Byrne   -   Byrne's New Standard Book of Pool & Billiards

Robert Byrne   -   Byrne's Wonderful World of Pool & Billiards

Robert Byrne   -   Byrne's Book of Great Pool Stories

Robert Byrne   -   Byrne's Treasury of Trick Shots in Pool & Billiards   Published 2015

The Philip Capelle Collection:   Page 8

Philip B. Capelle   -   Break Shot Patterns: How to Close 14.1 Racks Like a Pro

Philip B. Capelle   -   Capelle's Practicing Pool: Take Your Game to the Next Level & Beyond

Philip B. Capelle   -   Capelle on 9-Ball: Archer V. Reyes

Philip B. Capelle & Mike Massey   -   Mike Massey's World of Trick Shots

Philip B. Capelle   -   Play Your Best Nine Ball

Philip B. Capelle   -   Play Your Best Straight Pool

Philip B. Capelle   -   A Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game

Instructional:   Page 9

David G. Alciatore   -   The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

Lee Brett   -   The Secret Art Of Pool

Arthur Cranfield & Laurence S. Moy   -   Basic Pool: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Arthur Cranfield & Laurence S. Moy   -   Straight Pool Bible: Personal Instruction from a World Champion

Gerry Kanov & Shari J. Stauch   -   Pool Player's Edge   2nd Edition 2008

Gerry Kanov & Shari J. Stauch   -   Precision Pool   2nd Edition 2008

Nicholas Leider   -   Pool & Billiards for Dummies

Nick Metcalfe   -   Pool Bible

Pierre Morin   -   Pool Techniques and Tricks

And some of the most recent, and/or interesting   Page 10

Freddy "the Beard" Bentivegna.   -   The "Encyclopedia" of Pool Hustlers

Mose Duane.   -   Pool Table Assembly: Detailed and Illustrated Instructions for Most Pool Tables

Mose Duane.   -   A Rookie's Guide to Playing Winning Pool: From Beginning to Advanced Players

Robert Lavala.   -   Basics to Improve Your Game of Pool

Richard Dean Smith.   -   Pool: It's Mental, It's Physical, It's Mystical

Paul Rodney Turner.   -   The Yoga of Pool: Secrets to becoming a Champion in Billiards and in Life

Max Eberle.   -   Zen Pool

Robert T. Fancher   -   Pleasures of Small Motions: Mastering the Mental Game of Pocket Billiards

R. A. Dyer.   -   Hustler Days

R. A. Dyer.   -   The Hustler & the Champ

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