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October 5th 1882. English Billiards.
William (Billy) Mitchell became the first player to make a thousand break in public, scoring 1055 in a match against W.J. Peall at the Black Horse Hotel, Rathbone Place, London.

October 10th 1958. English Billiards.
Walter Lindrum compiled an unofficial 100 break in 27.5 seconds.

October 10th 2015. Snooker.
Alan McManus and Barry Pinches claimed the record for the longest frame ever played in professional snooker in the sixth frame of their 4th round match at the Ruhr Open in Mülheim, Germany. The frame lasted 1 hour 40 minutes and 24 seconds, and although Pinches won that frame to level at 3 - 3, he lost the match 3 - 4.

October 12th 1871. English Billiards.
A novel idea was tried at the Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue, London, by J.P. Mannock, who played T. Taylor two games of 400 points up on a four-pocket table, the push stroke, which then played a prominent part in matches, being barred. The idea was a sort of compromise between the French, American, and English games. Taylor was successful in both games, making the largest break of 46 unfinished in the last one.

October 13th 1854. English Billiards.
Birth of William (Billy) Mitchell. The first player to make a break of over 1000 in public, on 5th October 1882.

October 15th 1845.
Queen Victoria received the first set of the 'new' rubber cushions for her table at Windsor Castle. The cushions were manufactured and supplied by Thurstons.

October 16th 2004. Snooker
Jamie Burnett made the highest ever break in the history of professional snooker. In the second qualifying round of the Travis Perkins UK Championship at Prestatyn, his opponent, Leo Fernandez, fouled before any reds had been potted and gave away a "free" ball. Burnett then potted the brown as the "extra" red, brown again, then the 15 reds, 12 blacks, two pinks, a blue and all the colours to clear the table with a break of 148.

October 16th 2005. Snooker.
John Higgins claimed two new world records as he beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-2 in the final of the Grand Prix at the Preston Guild Hall. He became the first to compile four centuries in four frames with breaks of 103, 104, then two total clearances of 138 and 128. Adding another 21 points in the final frame before Ronnie scored then gave Higgins a total of 494 points without reply.

October 17th 2018. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-2 made his 15th competitive maximum break in the fourth frame of his 4 - 0 win over Allan Taylor in the BetVictor English Open in Crawley. The break was the second 147 in the tournament after Thepchaiya Un-Nooh from Thailand made his in the first frame of his first round 4 - 0 win over Soheil Vahedi.

October 18th 2013. Snooker.
Ding Junhui won the first world ranking tournament to be held in India, the Indian Open, at the Meridien Hotel in New Delhi, by beating Aditya Mehta, the first Indian player to reach the final of a ranking tournament, by 5 frames to 0. He also became the first player to win back-to-back ranking titles in the same season since Ronnie O'Sullivan won the European Open and Irish Masters in 2003

October 26th 1959. Snooker.
Snooker Plus, invented by Joe Davis, was introduced to the public during the News of the World Tournament at Burroughes Hall. Snooker Plus was played with two extra coloured balls, a purple with a value of ten points, and an orange with a value of eight points.

October 30th 2011. English Billiards.
Mike Russell won his 11th World Professional Title at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds by beating David Causier by 1500 points to 558.

October 30th 2020. Snooker.
John Higgins made his second maximum in as many months in his match against Kyren Wilson in the Championship League. This 147 brought him equal on 11 with Stephen Hendry, but still 4 behind Ronnie O'Sullivan's total of 15.

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November 3rd 2017. Snooker.
Neil Robertson made a break of 149 in a practice frame against Ryan Thomerson - the 2015 Oceania Under- 21 champion, at WT's in Cambridge. After Thomerson broke off, fouled and left a free ball, Robertson took the brown as the extra red, then blue, and by taking 13 blacks and another two blues and the colours made the 149. Two days later Robertson made a 147 against the same player.

November 3rd 2020. Snooker.
Judd Trump became only the second player to make five century breaks in a best-of-11 frame match. He beat David Gilbert by 6 frames to 3 with breaks of 138, 117, 112, 107, and 103 in their quarter-final match in the Champion of Champions. (See: November 26th 2016 & November 26th 2020)

3rd November 2013. Snooker.
Ding Junhui became the first player since Stephen Hendry in 1993 to win three consecutive ranking titles, by beating Marco Fu 10 - 9 in the final of the International Championship, held at the Chengdu Eastern Music Park, Chengdu, China.

November 6th 1890. English Billiards.
W.J. Peall made his highest break of 3,304 in a match against Charles Dawson at the Royal Aquarium, London.

November 8th 1880. English Billiards.
Joseph Bennett won the championship for the second time, beating W. Cook by 51 points in a match of 1000 up, in 3 hours 37 minutes.

November 8th 2004. Snooker.
Death of Eddie Charlton, Australia's most successful professional snooker player. An all-round sportsman, Eddie was a member of the Swansea Belmont crew that won the Australian surfing championships in 1950, and carried the flame on part of its journey to Melbourne for the 1956 Olympics. He also excelled at speed rollerskating, athletics, cricket and boxing, and finally became a professional snooker player at the age of 32. He won the Australian Championship 20 times in a 21-year period, won Pot Black three times (1972, 1973 and 1980), and was runner-up three times each in both the World Professional Snooker Championship (1968, 1973 and 1975) and the World Professional Billiards Championship (1974, 1976 and 1984).

November 10th 2017. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan made the 900th competitive century of his career with a break of 109 against Anthony Hamilton in the fifth frame of the semi-final of the Champion of Champions tournament at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. O'Sullivan won by 6 frames to 2, but was beaten 10 - 8 in the final by Shaun Murphy.

November 14th 2002. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan made the 300th competitive century of his career with a break of 114 against Paul Hunter in the third round of the British Open at Telford. He added another century of 134 but lost the match by 5 frames to 4.

November 14th 1938. Snooker.
Alec Brown in a match against Tom Newman in the Daily Mail Gold Cup at Thurstons, used a cue the length of a fountain pen to play a tricky shot after the cue-ball became obstructed by the pack of reds. The referee, Charlie Chambers, immediately ruled that the stroke was foul, claiming it was not within the spirit of the game. This incident was responsible for the governing body, the Billiards Association and Control Council, to form a new rule stating that the minimum length of a cue would be three feet.

November 21st 1871. English Billiards.
William Cook won the championship for the second time by beating Joseph Bennett by 58 points in a match of 1000 up, in 4 hours 25 minutes.

November 21st 1871. English Billiards.
Birth of William Cook (Junior) holder of the highest official break ever made in English Billiards, 42,746 made by the "Cradle Cannon" in 1907.

November 22nd 2020. Snooker.
By reaching the final of the Northern Ireland Open Judd Trump and Ronnie O'Sullivan equalled Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry's record of playing in three consecutive finals of the same tournament, (The World Championship 1992 - 1994). Trump won each of those three finals by the same score: 9 - 7, 9 - 7, 9 - 7. Trump also equalled Stephen Hendry's (UK Championship 1994 - 1996) record of winning the same tournament three years in a row.

November 23rd 2014. Snooker.
Shaun Murphy made his fourth competitive 147 in his 4 - 0 win over Robert Milkins in the final of the Kreative Dental Ruhr Open in Germany. This break made him the first player to make three competitive maximums in a calendar year, and yet he came incredibly close to making three on the same day. He cleared the 15 reds with blacks against both Joe Swail in the last 16, and against Mark Williams in the quarter-final. Against Swail he failed at the blue for a break of 129, and missed the green against Williams for a break of 122.

November 26th 2016. Snooker.
Fergal O'Brien became the first player to make five century breaks in a best-of-11 frame match. He beat Barry Hawkins by 6 frames to five with breaks of 101, 100, 111, 111 and a 113 in the last frame of their match in the last 64 of the UK Championship at the Barbican in York. (See: November 3rd 2020 & November 26th 2020)

November 26th 2020. Snooker.
Mathew Selt became only the third player to make five century breaks in a best-of-11 frame match. He beat Amine Amiri 6 - 0 with breaks of 138 and 131 in the first two frames, and 100, 111 and 102 in the last three frames of their first round match of the UK Championship. (See: November 3rd 2020 & November 26th 2016)

November 28th 1870. English Billiards.
Joseph Bennett first won the championship by beating John Roberts Junior by 95 points, in a match lasting 4 hours 35 minutes; but only held this title for two months, losing to the same player on January 30th, 1871, by 363 points.

November 29th 1926. Snooker.
The first match ever played in the world championships began between Melbourne Inman and Tom Newman, at Thurston's Hall, London. The match finished on December 6th with Inman beating Newman 8 - 5.

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December 3rd 1873. English Billiards.
"The quaintest billiard match ever played" is said to have taken place at the White Rose Tavern, off Leicester Square, when Mr. Jefferson, of America, played a match of 500 up with William Dufton. The latter played with his cue, but the American (so runs the story) played the balls with his nose - and won in two hours by 47 points!   Source:- The Amateur Billiard Player Issue No.18 - August 2000.

December 4th 2015. Snooker.
John Higgins became only the third player (after Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Hendry) to compile 600 century breaks in competitive snooker. This was a break of 119 in the first frame of his quarter-final match against Neil Robertson in the UK Championship. Despite two more centuries, both 134, he lost the match 6 - 5.

December 4th 2014. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan made a record 13th competitive maximum break in the quarter-final of the UK Championship, in the final frame of his 6 - 0 win over Mathew Selt.

December 5th 2016. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan made his 850th competitive century, a break of 134, in the 12th frame of the final of the UK Championship at the Barbican in York. He added another of 130 but still lost by 10 frames to 7 as Mark Selby won the title for the second time.

December 6th 1926. Snooker.
The first match ever played in the World Professional Snooker Championships ended with Melbourne Inman beating Tom Newman 8 - 5.

December 7th 2013. snooker.
Mark Selby made his second competitive 147, the 100th official maximum, in the 7th frame of his semi-final against Ricky Walden during the UK Snooker Championship in York. Selby won by 9 frames to 5 making a break of 129 in the final frame.

December 10th 2000. Snooker.
John Parrot became only the fifth player in the modern game to compile 200 competitive century breaks. He joined Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jimmy White with a break of 120 in the fourth frame of a 5 - 0 victory during a first round match against Stephen Maguire in the China Open.

December 11th 1936. Snooker.
Sydney Smith became the first player to make a total clearance in a professional match, with a break of 133 in the 58th frame of his match against Tom Newman in the Daily Mail Gold Cup.

December 13th 1886.
W. Buttery obtained a patent for the 'Steel Block Cushion' which was taken up and marketed by Burroughes and Watts.

December 13th 2007. Snooker.
Mark Selby and Marco Fu claimed the record for the second longest televised frame of snooker in the last frame of their Maplin UK Championship quarter-final. Selby won a 77 minutes and 31 second frame 76 - 41 to win the match 9 - 7.

December 15th 2007.
Ronnie O'Sullivan equalled Stephen Hendry's record of eight maximum 147 breaks in competitive play in the deciding frame of his semi-final match against Mark Selby during the Maplin UK Championship at the Telford International Centre, Shropshire.

December 18th 1880.
Birth of Arthur F. Peall, son of W.J. Peall.

December 20th 1875. English Billiards.
John Roberts Junior won the championship for the fifth time by beating William Cook by 135 points in a match of 1000 up, in 3 hours 35 minutes.

December 20th 1866. English Billiards.
Birth of Charles Dawson. Three times Professional Champion of English Billiards - 1900, 1901 and 1903.

December 22nd 1965. Snooker.
Rex Williams made the second official maximum 147 break in an exhibition match against Mannie Francisco in Cape Town, South Africa.

December 31st 1895.
F.G. Farnham was granted a United States Patent for a chalk holder that could be worn on the hand, as a glove covering the palm, or on the shoe with the chalk facing upwards above the toes.

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