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Subtle variations of the stun shot give such precise control over the cue-ball that the importance of truly understanding the stroke cannot be overstated.

Stun - and the straight pot.

"Stun" and a straight pot. These first two diagrams show the stroke in its simplest form. A straight pot red to the corner leaving the cue-ball in position for another straight pot on the black.

Strike the cue-ball either dead center or just a fraction below centre, and use plenty of power. Played in this way the cue-ball skids across the surface of the cloth and won't have time to acquire a natural rolling motion.

Shows where to strike the cue-ball to play Stun on a straight pot When the two balls collide all the momentum put into the shot is transferred to the red and the cue-ball stops dead.

Exactly where you strike the cue-ball will always depend on the distance between the two balls, and the strength that you play the shot.

There will be many occasions when the positional requirements demand a slight variation and two obvious examples of this are shown below.

Stun with Screw.

"Stun" with Screw. Played as above the blue would make cueing for the black extremely difficult and allow the player only limited control over the cue-ball. But by striking just a fraction lower the cue-ball will be brought back slightly, allowing the player to pot the black with full control over the cue-ball.

This lower striking has given the cue-ball a tiny amount of back-spin, and it is this that pulls it away from the blue.

Shows where to strike the cue-ball to play Stun with Screw The diagram once again only gives an indication of where to strike the cue-ball, and here it is struck slightly lower than it was before.

Even if the blue were not in the position shown the shot should still be played this way owing to the red near the cushion. The angle that has been created on the black allows a better positional shot to be played on the red.

Stun Run-Through.

"Stun" Run-Through. These last two diagrams show another variation in which the cue-ball has now been made to run slightly beyond the blue.

By striking the cue-ball just above centre the tiny amount of top-spin that is applied will cause the cue-ball to run through two or three inches, and allow an easy positional shot to be played from the black to the second red.

Shows where to strike the cue-ball to play a Stun Run-Through Beginners should be wary of this shot if the red is much closer to the pocket. It is so easy to strike the cue-ball just slightly higher than intended, and cause the cue-ball to follow the red straight into the pocket!

Practice these variations of the stun shot as they are constantly needed, especially around the pink and black spots where tight control of the cue-ball is so important.

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